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Club Med Bintan Island

Spa and Wellness


This Club Med spa, a relaxing pause in a setting dedicated to your well-being:

  • 8 individual treatment rooms
  • 2 duo treatment room one dedicated to honeymooners 

Just walk through the doors of the Club Med Spa to enjoy a universe of relaxation and well being.

Let your 5 senses go, under the gentle touch of our professional practitioners.
At your own pace, discover a wide range of massages and treatments done with various techniques. Tiredness and stress will leave place to relaxation and well being. .

For your information, our massages are non medical and non paramedical. They are well being treatments and non therapeutic. The word "massage" can also mean a body sculpt technique, done by our professional practitioners or our beauty therapists.

Wellness Packages

Exotic Coconut Treat (Massage and Facial) - 1 day

Beauty - A rejuvenating treatment for the skin.
3 treatments (150')

  • 1 Body Wrap with coconut oil and flower and spice infusions
  • 1 Skin Scrub tonic, sea salt scrub
  • 1 Huna Massage: Hawaian massage based on firm, rhythmic movements

Inner Respite (Hawaian) - 1 day

Relaxation: To relax and tone
1 treatment 

  • 1 Massage (90’) release the most deep-seated muscular tensions

Pamper Package (Face & Body) - 1 day

Energy: Rejuvenating treatments to tone muscles and skin
2 treatments (150’) 

  • 1 Facial Massage various techniques, specific mask and serum
  • 1 Traditional Body Massage

Revive Package - 3 days

Beauty: A selection of beauty treatments and massage destined to restore your body's radiance and procure profound relaxation.
6 treatments over a period of 7 and a half hours

  • 1 Tropical Java Lulur (150') a curcuma rice scrub, a nourishing yoghourt body wrap, an energising floral bath and a traditional massage
  • 1 Manicure (60') 
  • 1 Pedicure (60') 
  • 1 Anti-stress Massage (30') Relaxing massage targetting a specific point of tension: feet, legs, etc 
  • 1 Huna Massage (90') Hawaian massage based on firm, rhythmic movements 
  • 1 Massage of your choice (90')

Traditionnal Massage - 1 day

1 Traditional Massage** (60’) thanks to a subtle blend of spice oil and plants, this massage technique combined with pressure points improves the circulation of blood and energy

Tropical Java Lulur (Relaxing Spa Treat) - 1 day

Beauty; Javanaese Lulur treatment: traditional body care that Javanese women receive every day during the week before their wedding

  • 4 treatments (150')
  • 1 Curcuma and Rice Body Scrub 
  • 1 Nourishing Yoghurt Body Wrap
  • 1 Energising Floral Bath 
  • 1 Traditional Massage**

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