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Club Med Columbus Isle


The Resort


Discover the refinement of the Bahamas on this secluded island, ideal for scuba diving, relaxation
Travel to Club Med Columbus Isle as a couple and enjoy a carefree all-inclusive vacation in this secluded resort on the Caribbean Sea. 

Indulge in a massage* by the ocean or relax on the pristine beach. As one of the top 5 wall diving destinations in the Caribbean, this luxurious hideaway is also the best luxury resort for couples. 

This environmentally-friendly resort also offers a wide range of activities and sports for adults. No matter what your travel expectations are, you'll find the amenities at Columbus Isle to be more refined than anywhere else: premium oceanfront accommodations, oceanfront massage* and treatment* palapas, scuba diving* in one of the best diving spots worldwide, ecosystem discovery with Beautiful Oceans Dive & Snorkel Reef Adventures*, 3 gourmet dining venues, and more.

Direct flight from Fort Lauderdale (under 1 hour flight) on Saturdays - no-hassle connecting flights from most US major gateways. And from Montreal (less than 4 hours flight) on Tuesdays. 

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