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Sports and Activities


In this highly refined Club Med Resort, the relaxation and sports activities are offered in a stress-free atmosphere.

The opening of the nautical hall is not systematic, and only happens on certain stops.It is subject to weather conditions and local authorities.

Fitness School

The Sports schools offer the fitness afficionados the best infrastructures and equipment.

Beginners and confirmed fitness afficionados will be able to enjoy the optimal conditions to practice their sport.
Instructions and tips from our specialized GOs.
Group lessons for all levels 6 days out of 7 to give everybody the possibility of progressing during their vacation.
Adapted equipement for each age and level

Windsurfing School

The Sport schools offer to the windsurfing passionate the best equipment and infrastructures. Whether a beginner or confirmed sportsman (woman), each guest will have access to the best conditions to enjoy the sport.

Group lessons of all levels are available 6 days a week, enabling everybody to progress in either a technique or movement. Quality supervision with our specialized GO's who know how to teach beginners and improve the more advanced

This activity is available from the nautical hall. 

Water ski and wakeboard School

The sports school offer the skiing and wakeboarding passionates the best infrastructures and equipment. Beginners and confirmed skiiers, each student has the conditions to progress.

Group lessons for all levels 6 days a week to give everybody the possibility of progressing at their pace
Quality training and advise from our qualified GO's
Adapted equipment for all ages and levels

This activity leaves from the nautical hall. The opening of the nautical hall depends on local authorities and weather conditions.

Sports included in your package

Group lessons for all levels: Fitness School, Windsurfing School, Water ski and wakeboard School 

Group lessons for beginners: Sailing, Club Med Gym® Cardio training, Aquadynamic and Pilates

Open Access: Snorkeling and Kayak

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