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Report from holiday Feb 21st-28th 2012

Patrick Salbaing
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It has been a while we hadn`t gone to CM. The kids have grown up and are up to their own thing so when we saw an offer for a direct flight form Montreal, we jumped at the opportunity. The transfers were great, a bliss with a 8:AM flight. On the beach by 2PM.
We had been at this club med 12 years ago and we remembered it as a class act. While the site is still as gorgeous as ever, the installations are in a serious need of a MAJOR renovation.
The pool water had a weird color yet the pool lounge chairs were the most comfortable ever.
The rooms especially the mattresses and couch were disgusting, cracked tiles, moldy ceilings,name it we had it. The hot water was plentiful and available at all times ( not on our last visit). The A/C stank so we mostly turned it off at night listening to the ocean waves. Yvette our maid did a great job cleaning and making sure we had clean towels when needed.
The diving was exceptional. The boats are clean, fast, and don't reek of diesel. The dive team is the BEST I have ever seen and I have dealt with over 20 since 1970! The dive sites are well maintained and flora and fauna are in abundance.
The tennis was great and my wife enjoyed it. Nice courts and nice people all around.
The machines are barely working, many mirrors are cracked and the ceiling is a disaster.
Unfortunately that was a major sore point! Stuck at the furthest West point of the property, i.e. the porch of the disco is where you get your Step, Zumba, low impact and stretching classes. In front of you is the ICE machine of the disco making a racket and another 10 feet away a buzzer that was going off the WHOLE week... NO, NOBODY KNEW how to turn it off... Who cares when you are listening to loud music but during 45 minutes of stretch and supposed relaxation what a pain! ( nuff' said)
FOOD and Restaurants
While their were some hits ( couscous night was AMAZING!) the produce is definitely the worst we have experienced ANYWHERE in the CARIBBEAN.
I spoke to the chef about it but he said he had a hard time sourcing it... ( I thought Miami bought everything!)
yet The restaurant manager and his aides were extremely courteous and made our stay MEMORABLE. This team knows how to welcome guests!
We found the the GEs to be extremely friendly. A nice hello and a smile got us anything we wanted.
Considering the evolution of retailing around the globe, the boutique was a bust so we can back without even a T-Shirt!
While the CDV was away for a week training at Sandpiper, it took us till the second to last day to figure out who was the Chef des Sports... not great to build atmosphere in the village!

WE desperately needed a vacation. Colombus gave it to us. I was out like a light at 9:15 and my wife who is more of a night owl thought the shows were a joke. Unfortunately CM has fallen behind its competitors in offering descent accommodations and need to reinvest in this property. We probably won't return here until CM announces a major refurbishing.
On the property there are major and vsluable pieces of art that decorate the place. Maybe sell them and fix up the place....

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Wow. Haven't been to Columbus for a while, but that's an eye opener. Make sure you let Club Med know about your review. Considering that CM is the largest employer on the island, I'm sure they want to keep the club running and keep guests coming back. All that disrepair, sounds a lot like Turks...

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Chicago Jim
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I don't think CM will be abandoning CI. I think it may have been Chicago John who posted an article that CM perhaps with a partner are building condos or time shares that can use the CM property. Having said that, I can understand CM wanting to target the upscale market but even the renovated properties like Cancun are 3 stars at best. I am use to going to CM and don't really care about the room as long as it is clean or the food. But newbies thinking they are going to an elite property are going to be sorely disappointed and not likely to return unless they like the activities.
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I was at Columbus in January. My room was great, as were my friends'. So I'm not sure where you stayed, but that was not my experience. I agree the gym and exercise facilities need improvement. I took a stretch class at 5:30 and it was fairly quiet. It's not like the Palapa at Punta Cana, but it's still out by the water.

but to me Col. Isle is about the water sports and tennis (their courts are the best I've seen): snorkling, scuba, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing; not the gym. I found the pool to be just fine. Nice and cool, not too hot. water was plenty clean. If you go to a club med to go jogging indoors, something's wrong with you!! (just my opinion). We loved the food. It is among the best of the clubs I've been to.

The boutique is only one of two that Club Med still operates independently.
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