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I'm planning to stay at Club Med in the near future and was wondering how friendly are the people (especially local residents) in terms of taking their pictures as I am a photographer.

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I never ran into any problem. Respect the people and treat them like people, instead of photo objects, and you shouldn't have any problem. Of course, ask them if you can take their photo, especially if it is up close. Actually, I HAD to take pictures of some of the people on the island. I was on an excursion and we stopped in town. I walked into a store to get a Coke. The guys in the store saw my camera with the big white Canon lens and noticed that I was wearing a photo jacket. They asked if I was with National Geographic. Of course, I said, No. They didn't believe me. To make a long story short, they wanted me to take their picture so that they could say that they had their picture taken by a National Geograpic photographer!

To be honest with you, there isn't a lot to take pictures of on the island. I posted some of mine on the Columbus Isle site here. You can use a bike to bike into town, or go on the excursion, like I did.

Happy shooting!

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