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CI in November?

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Thinking of heading to CI at the end of November...anyone know how the weather might be that time of year? The other option would be Turquoise, but unless the weather is drastically different, CI appeals to me more...

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Well, this is kinda late seeing that you posted in May but....
I was a GO there a year ago(waterski/sailing) and then I was also a GO in Turkoise(snorkel) after that, I like both villages. The weather is the same at both since they are about 90 miles apart or so. Columbus is definitely prettier and newer-looking (also a 4 trident not 3). The diving is the same quality, snorkeling is better in turkoise though.
The weather situation in the caribbean in general is very 'iffy'. Oneday it can be smooth and pretty, the next there could be a storm out in the sea somewhere that will affect the tides a lot and bring huge waves onto the beach and thus, no boats go out be it sailing or diving. But the sun is a guarantee, because over islands that small there is always a sea breeze (or wind) that pushes the weather past and onwards.
Hope this helps if you read it!
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