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Corporate Retreat in Bintan

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I am thinking of organising a corporate retreat at CM Bintan

Has anyone done so at CM Bintan recently ?

DOes the CLub organise t eam building / group games ?

Or are you left very much to your own devices and just participate in the regular activities at your own time ?

I would be happy to hear your experiences. Thanks

Aita Pea Pea
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Bintan holds lots of corporate retreats... many companies from Singapore, but companies from other countries, too. There's usually a GO in charge of "telematch", which is basically team building. When there aren't any groups, then this GO works with the sports team. There are also conference facilities for groups that are working, as well. Anyway, they have two group coordinators, so you could email them... I think the email address is [email protected].... but if that doesn't work, you could just contact Club Med to find out more.
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