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Hi everybody,

very soon (on the 28th of january)i'm going to the Indonesian Cmed. I've already been in Phuket and in Bali but not yet in Ria bintan. In Thailand ive been on Easter holidays and in Bali on xmas holidays, this is the first time that we've planned to go there on february. i've got few questions...

-I'm 17 and my brother is 20. I'd like to know if there will b some guys like our age in this period cause last year we've been to Les boucaniers, in Martinique and it was in january. Unfortunately we were the only 'young people' and it was so boring !! I mean, the club was excellent but lots of activities were closed and 4 example the night club was always closed and we couldnt play any pool games cos nobody wanted to do them! I'd also wanted to ask u if u know when r the asian holidays regarding hight school ? or when r the summer holidays in australia?

-What about the shows? im staying there 2weeks,could u tell me if the shows r always the same?

-how is the weather like at the moment? In italy is so cold now and i hope that there, it won't rain !!

- does anyone else goes in the same period? we could meet there !

- Finally, does anyone wants I say Hi to some GO that uve met in ria bintan?

Thanx 4 helping me.. !! ciao ciao

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Generally school term is Asia starts from 2 Jan - mid March when there is a mid-week break.

For Bintan in Jan - it is near the tail end of the monsoon season.

The weather in the last few days has been wet (today is sunny) , but the weather outlook according to the weatherman is clear for next week - but as it is with the weather, it is unpredictable.

Enjoy Bintan & wishing you sunny skies !

Aita Pea Pea
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when i went there i was a bit disappointed by the night club.
it's really..empty...exept some Go's go there...
asian people don't dance at night, and they don't play at pool games or whatever...
i find some friends (every ages) at the circus with an awesome team! It really saved my holidays!
however Go's were very nice!
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