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Spa and Wellness


The CINQ MONDES Spa assembles the best treatments and massages** from around the world.

  • 9 individual treatment rooms
  • 1 duo treatment room
  • 6 polyvalent treatment rooms
  • 1 treatment room for polysensorial treatments

All our treatments are declined in themes.

Just walk through the doors of the Spa and wake up your senses, under the massages of our professional practitionners. At your own rhythm, make the most of the range of treatments based on natural ingrediants and a wide range of beauty treatments. Tension and tiredness will leave place to a sense of well being and relaxation.
Most of our treatments are adapted for men and women.

For your information, our massages are non medical and non paramedical. They are well being treatments and non therapeutic. The word "massage" can also mean a body sculpt technique, done by our professional practitioners or our beauty therapists.

Turkish bath

For your use located inside the Club Med Spa by CINQ MONDES:
1 mixed Turkish bath
Included for people having purchased a treatment
Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the turkish bath. This steam bath at around 122°F leading to the elimination of toxins through perspiration, also facilitates exfoliation and provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Some precautions of use and counter-indications must be respected


For your use, located outside the Club Med Spa by CINQ MONDES at no extra cost:
1 mens sauna
1 womens sauna
Finnish steam bath characterized by dry heat between 158°F and 194°F leads to the elimination of toxins and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. Some precautions of use and counter-indications must be respected. 

Hair dressing salon

Located in the CINQ MONDES Spa at Club Med, a new space awaits you.
A rich offer of services from relaxation to hair treatments awaits you.

Club Med Spa packages by CINQ MONDES

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