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Club Med Sahoro - Hokkaido

Spa and Wellness


This Club Med spa, a relaxing pause in a setting deidcated to your well-being has 6 individual treatment rooms and a Zen area 

As soon as you enter the Club Med Spa you find yourself in a world of absolute relaxation where you can sample the pleasures of the treatments and the sensation of well-being. 

Give yourself up to the soothing skills of our practitioners and masseurs and allow your senses to be awakened. Guided by your desires, make the most of a range of treatments based on natural active ingredients, a palette of beauty treatments and a variety of massages. 

Fatigue and tension will give way to a feeling of relaxation and serenity.


Relax and enjoy this Sauna. Finnish steam bath characterized by dry heat between 158°F and 194°F leads to the elimination of toxins and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Some precautions of use and counter-indications must be respected.


A moment of pure relaxation thanks to the massaging effect of this hot bath.

Canadian Bath

Outdoor heated bath.


Traditional Japanese heated bath.

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