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NUXE Spa at Club Med proposes a unique alchemy of Nature, Efficiency and Luxury, for Prodigieux® well-being. NUXE Spas are unique environments where emotion and performance blend to produce a fabulous invitation to a journey of profound relaxation.

Available to you: 

  • 10 individual treatment rooms
  • 1 Private spa with a Duo treatment room with a double bath tub for aromatharepy baths
  • Zen area
  • Herbal tea room
  • Bathrobe provided 

Allow your senses to be awakened by the tender strokes of our practitioners and massage therapists. By listening to the rhythm of your desires, you can enjoy a range of treatments based on natural ingredients and a selection of aesthetic treatments and varied massages. Fatigue and tension will give way to a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Let yourself relax, thanks to the gentle hands of our therapists.
At your own pace, make the most of a range of treatments, from massages to beauty treatments. Tiredness and tension will disappear to be replaced by a sense of well being.

For your information, our massages are non medical and non paramedical. They are well being treatments and non therapeutic. The word "massage" can also mean a body sculpt technique, done by our professional practitioners or our beauty therapists

Turkish bath

1 mixed hammam, free access 1 mixed hammam, paying access, including the traditional hammam room with hot room, tepid room and scrub cubicle Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the hammam. This steam bath at around 50°C leading to the elimination of toxins through perspiration facilitates exfoliation and provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Some precautions of use and contra-indications must be respected.


1 sauna for men and 1 sauna for women
Finnish steam bath characterized by dry heat between 158°F and 194°F leads to the elimination of toxins and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. Some precautions of use and counter-indications must be respected.

Nuxe at Club Med Spa Packages

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