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The Club Med Spa by MANDARA reflects the soul of Asia's most ancient rituals.
7 individual treatment rooms are available: 
Just walk through the doors of the Club Med Spa by MANDARA to enjoy a universe of relaxation and well being.

Let your 5 senses go, under the gentle touch of our professional practitioners.
At your own pace, discover a wide range of massages and treatments done with various techniques. Tiredness and stress will leave place to relaxation and well being. 

For your information, our massages are non medical and non paramedical. They are well being treatments and non therapeutic. The word "massage" can also mean a body sculpt technique, done by our professional practitioners or our beauty therapists

Balinese Massage


  • Traditional Balinese Massage** (choice between 4 different aromatic oils (50')


For radiant and beautifully moisturised skin and perfect balance.

4 treatments 

  • 1 Aromatic Foot Bath
  • 1 Lavender Body Cleansing
  • 1 Traditional Exfoliating Treatment for the Body (60’) 
  • 1 Balinese Massage** or 1 Traditional Asian Facial (50’)

Hot stone Massage

1 treatment

  • Stones that retain heat, to convey a magical sensation of relaxation and well-being to your body (50’)

Pure Indulgence

Beauty - An unforgettable combination of ancestral Asian beauty secrets to restore radiance to your skin and relax your mind

5 treatments

  • 1 Floral Foot Bath, 
  • 1 Lavender Body Cleansing and
  • 1 Exfoliation for the Body (60’) 
  • 1 Balinese Massage** (50') 
  • 1 Face or Body Massage** (25')


For Him - 1 treatment

  • Reflexology is a holistic method that includes massage** and pressure on the strategic points of the feet, to help the body regenerate itself (50’) 

Traditional Facial Massage


  • 1 Massage** and Traditional Asian Facial with Natural Skin Treatment (50’)

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