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In Club Med, each stay is an opportunity to leave behind your every day life and open yourself to new experiences 

The Discovery Center offers a variety of excursions to discover the country.

On all our destinations, Club Med has put in place the chart of Responsible Tourism in order to guarantee the respect of the environment( natural and cultural) and to take part in an ethical way to the development of the local economy. 

The Club Med has drawn up a Responsible Tourismcharter for all the destinations it serves, to guarantee responsible practice towards the environment, both natural and cultural, and ethical participation towards local economic development.

Agrigento (1/2d)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Out to discover the old city of Akragas that history describes as the Greek triumph in Sicily. A guided tour through the wonderful Valley of the Temples (registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list), a traditional Sicilian dinner and before leaving one last view of the temples lit up at night. 

Caltagirone (1/2 day)

Caltagirone, in the heart of Sicily is at the same time a typical town and a real outdoor museum! A stroll through the town well-known for its thousand year-old tradition of ceramics. Site registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list

Etna and Taormina (1 day)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center.

Discover the Greek-Roman amphitheatre, stroll through the picturesque backstreets of Taormina, lunch in town and late afternoon a trip to the slopes of Mount Etna. After a night spent in a local hotel, the ascent of Etna starts early in the morning to get close to the summit and admire an unforgettable view. For your Programmed from May and depending on the weather conditions on Etna. This excursion is not recommended for people suffering from asthma or heart trouble and pregnant women 

Exclusive Syracuse (1D)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery center.

Destination appreciated by lovers of Greek archeology. Visit the city of Syracusa, from the cathedral to the Hebrew baths, through the narrow streets to the fish market. Free time followed by a traditional Sicilian lunch. In the afternoon, discover the archeological site: the Greek theatre, Roman amphitheatre and "Denys's Ear".

Ranked by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Ibla and Ragusa market (1/2D)

Free time at the weekly market in Ragusa followed by a visit to Ragusa Ibla where, accompanied by a local guide, you will be able to admire the historic centre and the baroc style monuments. You can enjoy the typical La Granita Sicilian ice-cream, as well as the chilli-pepper chocolate.

Site registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Ibla by Night

You'll visit Ragusa Ibla where you'll discover the historic city centre and its Baroque style monuments. Dinner in a typical Sicilian restaurant. 
Ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Siracusa and Noto (1 day)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. A favourite destination for lovers of Greek art and archaeology. A guide will answer all your questions about this very advanced civilisation during the visit to the archaeology museum, the historical centre of Ortigia and stone quarries (Latomies). Traditional lunch.After lunch enjoy a stroll around the town of Noto and enjoy the famous Sicillian ice cream! For your information

Vittoria (1/2 day)

A walk on Saturdays, right in the heart of the lively Vittoria market, in search of the sights and sounds of daily life in Sicily. Followed by a guided history tour of the baroque churches. Free time. 

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