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Kids and Tens


Our Resort welcomes children from 2 years old, with supervision for each age group from 4 years old 

Mini Club Med, to create and exert yourself and Club Med Passworld for teens. 
From 4 to 10 years, the children have a thirst for everything, Mini Club Med has planned everything in order to meet these needs. 

Mini Club Med® (from age 4 to 10 years old)

Included in your package
Create and let off steam. At this age, children have a thirst for everything... The Mini Club Med® has planned everything to respond to this need of discovery in all directions. Sport, fun and creative activities. Children are distributed into sub-groups according to their age. 
From 9.00am to 5.30pm, 6 days out of 7

Juniors Club Med (11 to 17 years old)

Included in your package
It is a great classic of the Club Med for teenagers, in which they are distributed into 2 age groups. Teenagers, independence and parties. Club Med offers everything but imposes nothing. A true state of mind, both free and exclusive, which thrills the young. The Juniors' Club Med® enables teenagers to meet among themselves and participate in activities of their choice while taking part in the life of the Resort.

For your information, the Junior Club Is available during school vacations

Baby Corner

This baby corner in the Resort's main buffet restaurant proposes sweet and savoury baby foods and the equipment necessary for preparing babies' meals.


The playgrounds independent of the supervised structures for children are accessible to children accompanied by their parents. 

Pyjamas Club

With the Pyjama Club, parents can organize their evenings as they wish. This group baby sitting service, is done in the Petit Club and supervised by Go's. The little ones will find all the comfort and dedicated spaces for their entertainment and well being.

Exclusively for your children

Clean Art Planet at Mini Club Med®

Clean Art Planet raises children's awareness of the environment. This original activity focuses on the objects that find their way into the sea and are then rejected by the waves: plastic bags, bottles, flip flops, and so on are used in a series of workshops that focus on art and color, putting emotion in the limelight rather than right and wrong!

Once the objects have been collected from the beaches by adults, sorted according to object and color and washed, the Mini Club Med® can get on with the creative side of the activity, during which the children invent objects and stories, do photography, create large-scale works of art and put on exhibitions.

The activity is run by GO®s. *For Club Med Resorts that are not by the sea, the objects used are recyclable waste such as disposable cups, straws, corks, etc, from the Resort kitchens and bars. 

Happy Nature Box at Mini Club Med®

At Mini Club Med®, "Happy Nature Box" invites children aged 4 to under 11 to discover nature through three fun activities:

  • Happy Nature Box "exploration": to show children the wonders of nature at Club Med… from the tiniest insect to the brightest star!
  • Happy Nature Box "energy": through the natural energy of Water, Wind, Earth and Sun, children will learn to get their fill of positive energy!
  • Happy Nature Box "music": to give the children the chance to try out their musical skills…. They take part in a "fanfare of Nature"!

Activity run by G.O®s. 

Petit Circus

Circus workshops for children from 4 to 6 years old at Mini Club Med®, to discover the joys of the circus in small groups, with G.O®s trained in their discipline. The children take part in a show, where they can demonstrate what they have learnt.

Petit Soccer

Players of all ages have great fun with improvised matches on this synthetic court, close to the tennis courts, where the only prizes going are for good spirits !

Petit Tennis

45 minute lesson nased solely on teaching through role play, where the child is at the heart of the story which will bring him knowledge of tennis without even noticing it.

Petit Waterski

Proposed for children aged 4 to 6, at Mini Club Med®. Your children discover the joys of waterskiing, with all the right equipment, acccompanied by G.O®s trained in their discipline.

The activity lasts around one hour for around 15 children using a small motor boat with a 15 HP engine.
The skis are fastened together, and fixed to a perpendicular tow bar on the side of the boat.
The children just have to keep their balance on the skis (100% success rate): they don't have to guide the skis or manage the traction.
It's an easy and fun way to start water skiing.

Participants don't need to know how to swim, but must not be afraid of water.
At the start of the season, this activity is proposed when the water temperature is warm enough.
Duration of the tour : 2 to 3 minutes.

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