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Club Med Dong'ao

The Resort

South East of Zhuhai, close to Macao, in the province of Guangdong, discover our first seaside resort in China on one of the numerous picture perfect islands of the region, with an amazing beach and luxurious gardens.

Far from the chaotic urban environment, this vast Resort is located between the sea and the forest, and offers a multitude of water sports on an exceptional 9-mile stretch of beach. The lush vegetation provides a wonderfully soothing setting and if you appreciate authenticity, the the the small fishing villages will enchant you.You will also discover the chic that radiates from the more recent European influence. 

You'll enjoy exceptional seafood and traditional French desserts. The climate on Dong'Ao Island is mild and pleasant all year round, making this vast Club Med Resort an ideal location for all age groups and members of the family to enjoy a wonderful vacation.

The 5 Trident Space of the resort will open on June 20th 2014. The 4 Trident resort will open on November 1st 2014. Only the common areas and the 5 Trident space will be available from June 20th to October 31st 2014.

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