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At Club Med, each vacation is the ideal moment to leave the beaten path and discover new experiences.
The excursions program is subject to change and can be pending on a number of participants or a minimum age.

Barbecue donut

The barbecue donut is a new fun concept for a family dinner on the sea front.

Discover Hong Kong (1d)

Make the most of your stay to discover the city of Hong Kong! One of the most dynamic cities of the world with numerous possibilities for shopping, gourmet dining and outdoor leisure activities! Information at the resorts Discovery Center.

Discover Macao (1d)

Discover the city of Macao! This is an ancient portuguese colony. The blend of chinese and portuguese traditions and cultures over 4 centuries has given Macao an amazing amount of vacation days, festive and special events. Information and booking at the Discovery Center.

Discover the island of Dong'ao (1/2d)

Discover the pretty Island of Dong'Ao!

Fishing village

Discover the charm of an authentical fishing village and its local culture.

Sunset Escapade (1/2d)

Make the most of the sunset on the island of Dong'Ao!

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