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Club Med Columbus Isle



Bike rental

A fun and easy way to discover the island, its breathtaking beaches and the village of Cockburn. People will welcome you warmly! Every day from 9.00am to 12.00pm.

Cruise and picnic package (1/2 day)

Come Snorkel Pristine Reefs and relax on a Secluded Beach while our chef prepares a Bahamian style lunch. served on the beach!

Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy this day at sea and fish to your hearts content. Who knows you might get lucky and catch a baracuda!

Gospel Mass (1/2 day)

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Sing along to the rhythm of the Bahamas and join in this unique celebration. Discover the culture of San Salvador at this sunday mass.

Island tour (1/2 day)

Walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus during this instructif tour of the island that lasts 3 hours. Discover the historical sites and monuments of San Salvador, the cross of Columbus, the Olympic Flame monument and a panoramic view of the Watling Castle and one of the kerosen lighthouses still in activity.

Sunset Cruise

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Join us for a relaxing cruise that will give you an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean. Enjoy a glass of champagne whilst admiring the Bahamian sunset. 

Wave runner outing

Excursion recommended by our Discovery Center. Enjoy this excursion to discover the different sites of the island riding alongside its beautiful coast and shores .Fun and Thrills garanteed!

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