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Cancun in Feb/March

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So, all it took was an email which said "maybe CM Cancun in February?" from an old and special friend.. and I haven't been able to think straight today :)

I am in Australia and she is in the UK and we have been to Turks ('01) and Bali ('05') together so this sounds like fun! I also used to work at Lindeman but that was in the late 90s, sooo long ago!

I have two main questions:

When is Spring break? I'm guessing we will want to avoid this (we are 36)

Weather - I've looked at so many charts and many are different from others! I really, really feel the cold and love snorkelling.. so the water would need to be that "bathtub" warm that I had in Cancun in August and Turks in September. I know weather can never be guaranteed but I'd be curious to hear of other's experiences. It's going to cost quite a bit so if it is likely to be too cold I may just have to wait until later in the year.

I am also considering Turks.. my favourite place on Earth! It just may not be practical cost-wise. My friend is single and I might go with my partner.. and I think we may prefer no kids. But Cancun fits into our plans better;)

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Seattle Craig
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Spring break varies. Generally it runs from mid-March through sometime in April.

I have been to CM Cancun a couple times during Spring Break. This resort is not close to the main "action" in Cancun at all, so you won't get too many Spring Break college students here, anyway.

February should be a good time to go since there aren't any North American holidays (except US Presidents Day in late Feb). Therefore, there should be far fewer kids during this time. In fact, I will be here 2/11 - 2/18.

Weather should be decent. Cooler, but still nice warm days and moderate nights. It rarely rains for long periods here, so if the weather report shows rain, it means local rain. (unless there is a storm in the area, unlikely in Feb).

Water will not be "bathtub", maybe a little cooler than Turks, but not appreciably. I am a woosie about cold water and am able to go in the ocean at Cancun. For waterskiing I always have a lite wetsuit (a 2 piece shorty).

Turks, of course, is adult only. I was recently there. Cancun is in much better shape, and is more luxurious than Turks, but Turks is fun. The beach at Turks is amazing, especially if the surf is not rough. There are a couple recent posts here about Turks.

But the reason I always keep coming back to Cancun (my 20th visit in Feb) is because this is the best location in the Cancun area. You are on a 3 sided point with 3 separate beaches. You don't get the sense at all of being on a hotel strip (because you are at the end of it). The village is huge and you can easily get lost from the crowds. Even when full to capacity, you can still find places to get away from everyone without leaving "campus". Also, the waterski program is great. You can snorkel right of the beach, no boat rides. I love this place.

If you want some deeper information about CM Cancun, you can check out this site:
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I was there last Feb (and will be there again early this Feb). It was rainy more days than I would have liked (one night was a complete downpour), but last year was kind of a "weird weather" year. There are always tons of kids (last Feb, we ended up there during spring break for Argentinian kids), and they will swarm the disco at night. Other than that, they keep them pretty busy during the day for the most part.
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Kiki de M
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You will also have some kids from Europe, since we'll have the winter break. Dates vary from country to country, but will mostly be within the period mid-Feb to end of March.
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I was there for a week in early April last year. LOADED with kids. That was a big negative for me. The water was fine - not bathtub, but warm enough to swim/snorkel. Not sure when the last time you were there was, but the reef is not the same. Not very good snorkeling and nothing like it was before. I read reviews on Trip Advisor all the time about how fantastic the snorkeling is now and I'm glad to have seen what it was like before.

If water temp and no kids are your biggest issues, I'd plan to go early May if I were you.
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